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The Impact of Gifts: Saving a Daughter

"My daughter, like so many anorexics, is beautiful, intelligent and artistic. I'll never forget the feeling of panic as I watched her literally start to disappear."

With a child so ill that a hospital stay seemed inevitable, Janice and her husband were hoping to save their daughter Marylin when they brought her to UC San Diego's Eating Disorders Program for an intensive, week-long outpatient regimen.

Under the direction of internationally renowned eating disorders specialist, Walter Kaye, M.D., Marylin's family learned the necessary skills to manage and support her disease at home through intensive training in Maudsley Family Therapy.

After undergoing treatment and with her family's continued guidance, Marilyn gained several pounds toward her goal weight. With Marilyn now on her way to living a long, healthy life, her mother commented: "In one week, you empowered us with the information and skills necessary to save our daughter."


*Names have been changed

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