Eating Disorders Center for Treatment and Research

Eating Disorders 101

Eating Disorders 101: Your online classroom for Eating Disorder education

An introduction to understanding the biology of eating disorders and implications for more effective treatment

Much has been learned about how biology contributes to eating disorders. However, this information is often written for scientists, and thus not easily understood by the lay person. One of our major goals in the UCSD eating disorders program is to apply scientific findings to improving both the understanding and the treatment of eating disorders. Thus we are posting a series of video's in which our faculty and staff will translate new scientific knowledge into language and concepts that can be understood by individuals with eating disorders as well as their significant others. These video's will be accompanied by PDF's of the scientific articles supporting the science discussed in the video's. In our experience, a better understanding of the biology contributing to many symptoms can, in itself, make major differences in overcoming an eating disorder. For example, understanding that symptoms are usually not willful or manipulative, but rather driven by powerful biology. Stay tuned for new topics. Please send us your feedback on how we improve the series as well as your suggestions about topics we can address in future video's.