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UC San Diego was proud to present at The Academy for Eating Disorders Annual Conference

Clinical Teaching Day

SIG Panel Discussions

Prioritizing Suicidal Behaviors in the Treatment of Eating Disorders: Evidence-based Approaches for Assessing, Targeting and Consulting

Anne Cusack, BA, MA, PsyD, Lucene Wisniewski, BA, MS, PhD, FAED, April Smith, BA, MS, PhD, Leslie Anderson, BA, MA, PhD, Lori Prado, LPC


discussion slides.pdf

Response in taste circuitry is not modulated by hunger and satiety in women remitted from bulimia nervosa

Alice V Ely, Christina E Wierenga, Amanda Bischoff-Grethe, Ursula F Bailer, Laura A Berner, Julie L Fudge, Martin P Paulus, Walter H Kaye


Ely et al BN sucrose fast fed J Abnormal Psychology in press.pdf

Paper Sessions

Leave Me Alone, Help Me Recover: Adolescent Impressions of Family Therapy

Erin Parks, PhD, Annie Cusack, PsyD



Mediators of a Change in Bulimic & Muscle Dysmorphia Symptoms in The Body Project: More than Muscles

Tiffany A. Brown, PhD, K. Jean Forney, MS, Dennis Pinner, BS, Pamela K. Keel, PhD


Brown et al 2017 International Journal of Eating Disorders.pdf


A Pilot Open Series of Lamotrigine in Eating Disorders Characterized by Significant Affect Dysregulation and Poor Impulse Control

Tiffany Nakamura MA, Laura Berner PhD, Anne Cusack PsyD, Mary Ellen Trunko MD, Terry Schwartz MD, Ursula Bailer MD, Joanna Chen BS, & Walter Kaye MD


BPDED Psychiatry Lamotrigine Tx Poster.pdf

Gender Dysphoria and Eating Disorders: The effects of treating female to male transgender adolescents

Dani Gonzales, Psy.D, Ana Ramirez, Ph.D, Michelle Jones, Ph.D., Tiffany Brown, Ph.D., Roxie Rockwell, Ph.D., & Jessie Menzel, Ph.D.