Administrative Team

Laurie Galligan

Fiscal Specialist

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Johnny Johnson

Office Manager

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Johnny has 12 years of UCSD Administrative Experience and comes to the Eating Disorder Center for Treatment with 2 years with the Department of Psychiatry. He manages the clinic’s multiple facets, in an organized, efficient and professional manner. When not at work, enjoys the many things San Diego has to offer year round.

Ruben Echeverria

Discharge Coordinator

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Ruben graduated with a BA in sociology and Spanish Linguistics from UC Riverside. He then attended Cal State, Fullerton to obtain a master’s degree in sociology. Ruben became interested in body image and eating disorders while attending graduate school and wrote his thesis on body image issues and gay men. His favorite hobbies include reading, watching films (especially foreign independent films), listening to music and recently; he has developed an infatuation with several charismatic, unique and personality-for-days YouTube celebrities—brain candy when he has too much to juggle!

Min Lee

Community Health Program Representative

Min Lee - photo

Min graduated from University of California, San Diego with a Bachelor of Arts degree in Sociology. In late May of 2016, she started working for UCSD Eating Disorder Treatment and Research Program as a Community Health Program Representative. She is passionate about reaching out to the San Diego community, building relationships, and enjoying the great outdoors!

Christina Alderson

IT Systems Administrator

Christina Alderson

Christina provides technical support for UCSD Eating Disorders Center. She has been with UCSD Department of Psychiatry since 2007 and has been providing technical support in Healthcare environments since 1998. She is a San Diego native and enjoys spending time with her husband, two children and her little dog, Jack.

Cathy Whitney

Administrative Assistant

Cathy Whitney - photo

Cathy has been part of UCSD Psychiatry Department since 2001. She began with our UCSD, Eating Disorder Center for Treatment and Research Program in 2011 as an Administrative Assistant. Cathy works with the Adult and Adolescent programs with meals, some groups and administrative needs of the staff. She works with the dietary team helping with any administrative duties and recently she has taken over the administrative functions of the Intensive Family Therapy program. Cathy is an avid baseball fan for her team the St. Louis Cardinals. She was born and raised in St. Louis and her love of the team has never left her.